Selections for the
New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival
June-July 2017

The New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival call for works for its festival in June-July 2017 is now closed. The festival will take place at the Abrons Arts Center on June 19-25, at National Sawdust on July 14-16, and on other dates at other venues in New York City. The following works have been selected for presentation at the 2017 festival. In alphabetical order (the schedule will be posted later):

Music and Video Performances

Marc Ainger, Scribbles and Smears in Space
Ana P. Santillan Alcocer, The FEAST
Antonio D’Amato ,Körper
Chris Arrell, Altamira 1b
Helga Arias, Astraglossa or first steps in celestial syntax
Massimo V. Avantaggiato, ATLAS OF UNCERTAINTY
Hanae Azuma, In the Bay

Alexis C. Bacon, Ojibwe Song
Christian Banasik, Begegnung 8
Matthew S. Barber, Call it What You Will, in Memoriam Milton Babbitt
Alba F. Battista, Interférence
Stephen David Beck & Edgar Berdahl, Quartet for Strings
Oded Ben-Tal, Soliloquy
Nathan Bennett, Letter
Edgar Berdahl, Kublai Kobra
Boris Bezemer, Nature and looks
Michael V. Blandino, Guest Dimensions
Michael Blandino, Boundless Filament
Matthew Blessing, Granular Quartet
James M. Bohn, Pantone for Theremin and video
Francesco Bossi, Modus
Jeffrey R. Bowen, What Will Sound (was already sound)
Amy G. Brandon, Artificial Light & War Games
Danny Bright, Fracterruptions
Lars Bröndum, Encircled
Cody Brookshire, Rationalize
Matthew S. Bryant, shift.smear
Julius T. Bucsis, The Dawn of Memory – Awakening of the Ancients
Lou R. Bunk, Study for Bowed Cardboard

Ryan Carter, On the limits of a system and the consequences of my decisions
Diogo S. Carvalho, Reveal
Gustavo D. Chab, Blending Birds
Chin Ting Chan, Of Metals and Electrons
Leo Chang, St. Louis Blues
Eric Chasalow, As A Kind of Knowing
Kyong Mee Choi, rare yet soft
Joshua Clausen, History is going to change
Martina Claussen, 1. Flashback & 2. Fairy Tale
Brian A. Connolly, Critical Bands
Christopher E. Cook, Prowler
Nathan A. Corder, LeftCoastClockCleaner
Giovanni Costantini, Seclusion
Robin C. Cox, Ghost of Time

Gustavo Adolfo Delgado, Permanente e transitorio
Gustavo Adolfo Delgado, SaxOut!
Simon Dickopf, Spheroid
Gary DiBenedetto, “Exploitation” (A video synopsis)
Marissa DiPronio, Eukaryote
Omar Dodaro, Verso
Gil Dori, Linea/Punto
Maxwell Dulaney, Breathed
Stephen Dydo & Susan Haire, The Voice of Silence

Gerald Eckert, Intereception
Mark Eden, Sound of the Baskervilles
Frank Ekeberg ,Terra Incognita
Tyler Entelisano, Brake
Vincent J. Eoppolo, The Music of Vincent Eoppolo (2 pieces)
Ali Nader Esfahani, Sonances of the Bizarre

Ashkan Fakhrtabatabaie, Metamorphosis
Hongshuo Fan, Multi Helix
Eli Fieldsteel, Invisible Ink
Robert Fleischer, Dans le piano
Michael J. Fox, Lush
Robert J. Frank, Zymurgy
Ari Frankel, Spot On – parts I-III
Rikhardur H. Fridriksson, Postcards from the North and South
Benjamin R. Fuhrman, Exploring the Remains of a Giant

Larry M. Gaab, Partial Vacuum
Javier Garavaglia, Intersections (memories)
Orlando J. Garcia, Despues de los humanos (after humans)
Diego Garro, Tacto
Marta Gentilucci, Auf Die Lieder
Zuriñe F. Gerenabarrena, FYR
Giles Gobeil, Des temps oublies
Michael Gogins, Black Mountain
Michael Gogins, Unperformed experiments have no results
Sandra E. Gonzalez, Vértigo y transmutación
Arthur W. Gottschalk, Borborygmus
Frederik Gran, Vox Terminus
Elliott V. Grabill, Darl, for clarinet & live electronics
Joshua Groffman, An arrow pointed down
Joel Gressel, Triples
Ragnar Grippe, Sans Trace
Miriam Gviniashvili, Hurria

Saad Haddad, Shifting Sands
Nathaniel J. Haering, Cimmerian Isolation
Kerry L. Hagen, resolution
Jordan Hall, How to Listen to Machines: Electric Fan in E-flat Major
Sarah J. Hargis, Bellow
Joshua Harris & Wayla Chambo, Aubade
Jeffrey Hass, Labyrinths
Gabriel Hawes, pouring under storm waves rushing
Ethan Hayden, “…ce dangereux supplément…”
Mara Helmuth, Breath of Water
Pinda D. Ho, How Would You Dress Her
Elizabeth Hoffman, Vanishing Points
Michael Hood, Drones, Wood & Steel
Christopher Hopkins, Touché
Justin Houser, I.T.L.O.T.H. for Flute, Dancer, and Live Electronics
Hubert Howe, Expansions
Peter Hulen ,Organum on Westminster Abbey
Joel Hunt, Knock for piano and resonance
Maija Hynninen, …sicut aurora procedit
Nick Hwang, Dracones Nursery

Alon Ilsar, Guitar and Violin Vacuum aka “Cephalon”

Daehoon Jang, Lucid Dreams
Wilfried Jentzsch, Evolution of Points and Lines
Mathias Josefson, La Séparation, L’Alignement et la Cohésion
Elsa H. Justel, Marelle or the moments of life
Elsa H. Justel, dots, lines and roughness

Daisuke Kawashima, otoire
Kevin Kay, “Warmth”
Chung Eun Kim, Piano Forte
Jihyun Kim, From the Bottom of the Sea
Jonghyun Kim, Live Performance for Leapmotion
Kwangrae Kim, S Quartet
Dan Kubo, Dissolve
Mikel Kuehn, Rite of Passage

Peter VZ Lane, Studies in Momentum
Alexis Langevin-Tétrault, Apax
Christopher LaRosa, Colonizer 1
Fernando Laub, Universes
Erik T. Lawson, The Mercury Survey
Sangwon Lee, Rollyphony
Won Lee, Crossing
Felipe Leitao, Grounded
Andres Lewin-Richter, Signals
Wuan-chin Li, Ban Shan
Max Light, Max Light
Anders Lind, Put Your Hands Together
Gustav P. Lindsten, Train Cuts
Federico Llach, This Time Around – REMIX
Chris Lortie, Text for Nothing #1
Michael Lukaszuk, My Metal Bird Can Sing
Eric Lyon, Rhizome

Joshua B. Mailman, Licorice Loops No.2, a comprovisation
Jason Matthew Malli, Per aspera ad astra
Philip Mantione, Memory Hole
Patricia E. Martinez, Al trasluz del recuerdo (through the translucent light of memory)
Dmitri Mazurov, Cavity
Darius Mazurowski, The Great Red Spot of Jupiter
Robert McClure, lingering garden
Dugal McKinnon & Grayson Cooke, This Storm is Called Progress
Ana Cerda Méndez, The beginning is the end
Jorge Garcia del Valle Mendez, Visions of the Void II
David D. Mendoza, Duissolution No. 4
Adam Mirza, InsideOut
Marco Molteni, to JL (eWPsM 03)
Ted Moore, it teaches us that it doesn’t exist
William Morrison, 201216_Silo
Brian Mountford, Downfall & Tag des Jahrs
Hibiki Mukai, Phantom-Limb III
Michael A. Musick, Creative Improvisation with Digital Agents
Maria Mykolenko, “in the streets and shadows”

Adam S. Neal, speaks
Steven Nelson, Hardscrabble
David Q. Nguyen, Pictured Remnants
John S. Nichols, AGE
Giorgio N. Nottoli, Trama Filante

Yemin Oh, Time Discontinuum
Ryan Olivier, Fortspinnung
Joao Pedro Oliveira, Titanium
Levy P. Oliveira, Por um triz!
Michael Olson, Flux Beta
Celest Oram, O I
Federico Ortica, afrocuban 2.0
Felipe Otondo, Night Study 2

Joo Won Park, Singaporean Crosswalk
George Paul, Reflection on Time
Charles Peck, Fade
Sylvia Pengilly, If You Could See my Soul
Zack Pentecost, Interlude: 1882
Omar A. Peracha, Colour Etude I
Sean Peuquet, What Rough Beast Slouches?
Andrew T. Pfalz, Of grating impermanence
Mark W. Phillips, Elegy and Honk
Luigi Pizzaleo, Illudio VI
Timothy Polashek, Panic Attack
Sibylle Pomorin, Raumklang 1 and 2
César I. Potes, Surri Bachra Noscia: Homage
Daniele Pozzi, Breakpoint

Tim Reed, “…the irresistable will of heaven…”
Kory R. Reeder, Il n’y a plus (Napoo)
Clemens von Reusner, Definierte Lastbedingung
Michael Rhoades, Apparitions
Carter J. Rice, Acousmagic
Bradley G. Robin, Steam
Claudia Robles-Angel, HINEIN (inwards)
Jessica A. Rodriguez & Michael Fox, Solar Flare: B1 | B2
Jonah Rosenberg, Foamings
Kyle E. Rowan, Wanderings for Clarinet & Computer
Seth Rozanoff, Qu-Extensions
Stephen C. Ruppenthal & Brian Belet, Tessalation Rag (from Disconcerting Speech)
Bruno T. Ruviaro, Inaudible Harp

Julian Scordato, Engi
Seth Shafer Everything Will Be Shaken
Isaac Schankler, Apop
Eric Sheffield, Water is Thicker than Blood (*after quiet)
Alice F. Shields, Mioritza – Requiem for Rachel Corrie
Judy Silvano & Bruce Arnold, Travel Chant
Johannes S. Sistermanns, Algo que necesita lenta encontrarme
Jerod Sommerfeldt, Strong Back, Soft Front
Jorge Sosa, Elegy for the Victims of Gun Violence
Giovanni Sparano, Maxwell’s Demon
Greg A. Steinke, Four Desultory Episodes
Jeffrey Stolet, Between the Words
Robert Strobel, 3 Metamorphantasmagorical Etudes
Amanda J. Stuart, Magnetosphere
Andreas H.H. Suberg, Schwerpunktjongleur (Center of Gravity-Jongleur)
Fred Szymanski, SCREE

David W. Taddie, Caterwaul
Akira Takaoka, Vanishing Trajectories
Timothy Si Heng Tan, Ghosts of Double Pendula
Dante Tanzi, Etakate!
Benjamin Taylor, The Last Cloud
Monte Taylor, FEMEVizacayaV1.0
Seth Thorn, Verdacht
Lukas Tobiassen ,Kruschtkammer
Joshua D. Tomlinson, A Traveler’s Daydream
Massimiliano Tonelli, Et in pulverem revertis
Massimiliano Tonelli, Vetri
Felipe Tovar-Henao, Carnaval del Diablo
Daniel Tramte, Fever Dream
Ewa Trebacz, MINOTAUR for French Horn and computer-realized sound
Luca Turchet, The beauty of fireflies in Central Park

Kari Vakeva, I saw eternity
Pablo Garcia Valenzuela, No-Rayados
Kyle Vanderburg, Tempest in a Teakettle
Jorge E. Variego, The Invisible Hand
Georgios Varoutsos, Elongation
Rodolfo Vieira & Chris Mercer, The Syntax of Constellations
Kirsten Volness, desangramiento

Andrew B. Walters, Premonitions and Reverberations
Chi Wang, Ling Tin
Shijie Wang, The Oscillation
Xian Wang, Baetylus II
Beth Wiemann, Jet Pack for One
Tom Williams, Meditations on a Landscape

Zhixin Xu, Three Movements/solo sax & el.

Maximilian Yip, Karin

Mark J. Zanter, Persistence of Memory (2012)
Mark Zaki, no one can hear you dream
Dong Zhou, Grinding

Curated Concerts

Diego Garro, “From video Concrète to Visual Poetry”
Mercè Capdevila Gaya & Joan Bages , Concierto de Cataluña
Rob Hamilton, New Music @ Rensselaer Polytech..
Howie Kenty, Wil(helm | liam)sburg
Stephen Dydo, Alice Shields, Joel Gressel & Maurice Wright, APNM – Ancient Voices of the Computer


Kosmas Giannoutakis, sonic current
Gary DiBenedetto, Pinball machine
Mauricio A. Meza, Panurgo’s hold:::the Tunguska Blast
Zachariah W. Zubow, 423: Mathematics in Art and Music
Hunter Brown, Leah Newman & Christiana Rose, Rope Study
Robert A. Mackay & Jessica A. Rodriguez, Flight of the Monarchs
Matthew D. Gantt, All That Is Solid Melts into Air

Other Presentations

Jessica A. Rodriguez, Expanded Literature for Kids
Yvette Jackson, Radio Drama as Electroacoustic Composition
Mathias Josefson, On the Tracks of Unknown Birds
Robin C. Cox, Bone Conduction Click Track Monitoring in Live Performance
Jeff Kaiser, Changing, Blurring, Decentering: Community & Electroacoustic Musicians
Edgar Berdahl, Andrew T. Pfalz, Michael V. Blandino & Stephen David Beck, It’s Not a Synthesizer – It’s a Synth-A-Modeler